Have you encounter meat freezer-burned when it comes the time to throw on the stove? Well, I do ! And I’m pretty sure I’m not alone.

What about when you are a full-time working mother like me with 2 pre-schoolers tagging along and you simply can’t afford to do marketing as often as you wished you can or vice versa wished you can do as seldom as you can? Especially in this current COVID-19 pandameic, we are all advised to stay home and restrict/avoid unnecessary crowd.

This would call for organized groceries shopping. Question: how do I keep the food ‘fresher’ longer? 

After making a trip to Totts @ Century Square (one of my favorite kitchenware, used to go all their megastore in Dunearn Road), I’ve gotten this Lacor Home Vacuum machine. The bags are sold seperately. It is definitely a must have in the kitchen. 

With simply just a ‘vacuum & seal’  button, it vacuum (completely removes the air) from the bag and seals it so that air does not re-enter. When O2 is removed, it prevents oxidation and hence significantly extends the perishable product shelf life. 

The simple step-by-step guides are as follow:

When back from marketing, portion out the amount which you usually cook with. Drain the excess fluid. DO NOT wash as you will introduce excessive fluid. If fluid gets into the suction unit during vacuuming, you would probably have to bid the machine an early goodbye. I would pat them dry with a kitchen towel just to be safe. 

Pack the portions into individual bags (I have yet to source for other suitable ones). 

Place the end of the bag in between the 2 rubber bars.

* Note: Suction port located at the round opening


Close the lids and press firmly down at its both sides. Make sure you hear the ‘click’ sound otherwise the machine won’t work. That’s what occurred to me, panicking after multiple unsuccessful attempts before deciding to search YouTube for any instructional video. There’s when I discovered the ‘importance of the click sound’. Like DuhZ … …

Press the ‘vacuum & seal’ button. 见证奇迹的时刻 … … Magic time! 

Taaa-Dahhh … … All done! Looks like store bought? You may even name and date it with permanent marker.

Initially Mom was skeptical asking if i’m preparing for F&B business. Lolzz. Now, she is impressed and having 2nd thoughts..

Mom, Mother’s Day pressie for you?


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